The Best of KangerTech Products


KangerTech products has some of the best vaping products including AC power adapter wall chargers for all models sold as one piece in each pack, airflow control valves that fit Subtank-mini, Protank-2, -3, Aerotank and v2, and bases for different models including T3S and MT3S. KangerTech also produces zip cases for all models, E-vod batteries as 1000mAh or 650mAh that are sold as one piece per pack, E-vod clearomizers sold as five pieces per pack, and E-vod starter kits that have either Europe or US plugs.

The company also sells E-vod twist batteries for 650mAh or 1300mAh, Emow starter kits with US plugs, E-vod mega starter kits, mini Protank2 and Protank3 glassomizers, T2 wick heating coils, high-drain batteries with 20A for LG 18650-HE2 2500mAh, and single heating coils for E-vod, Protank2, Mini Protank2, T3S, MT3S and Unitank, which are sold as five pieces in each pack are also products of KangerTech.

The Subtank Mini & Nano is a hybrid that allows the user to switch between organic cotton coil heads and rebuildable atomizer heads. The organic cotton coil heads originate from Japan, which make it a better flavor and vape. This hybrid makes users comfortable with a few twists that are open for vaping experiences because this hybrid is usable with different coils and wicks.

The Subox Nano is another hybrid of Kbox Nano and Subtank Nano-S. The Subox Nano starter kit has a 510 drip tip and two organic cotton coils. These organic cotton coils have extremes of 0.5 Ohm and 1.5 Ohm, which means the coil system has higher wattage capability as well as an easier to use assemble atomizer. In addition, this hybrid comes with a new airflow design.

The Kanger Mini Protank3 takes the Protank series to a higher level of performance and size because it can be fully disassembled and replaced whether it be for cleaning or part replacement. This unique feature makes the borosilicate glass tank user-friendly and allows the top cap to change to any 510 drip tip. The new design does not sacrifice any flavor or vapor output in as much as it provides a nicer drawer.

The Kanger Aerotank v2 comes with a redesigned airflow valve that allows the user to turn the dial of the base to increase or decrease airflow. This vaping equipment comes with a stainless steel replacement tube in case the user does not prefer the original glass tube. The version has hidden wicks to prevent further leakage through its atomizer head.